Friday, September 17, 2010

New Eyes

At the market:

Smell of fish in the enclosed building
Rising persistent
Hope, a little baby girl with huge, black, unblinking eyes
A kitten crying on a roof
Women carrying babies and children tied to their backs
A woman carrying five live chickens in a blue plastic bag, their heads poking out
Two girls the age of my daughter following closing behind as I walked
Thousands of people, no space
Obama shirts and bags
Soccer t-shirts
Searching for fabric
Wooden spoons
Urine troughs
A red sunset like none you have seen
The "God Knows Shop"
The "Abba Father Restaurant"
Words of welcome: "Welcome to Zambia!"
God in the eyes
Bare feet
Cartons of milk-like substance
Canopies overhead
Cars in all and any direction

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kellye I am so excited that you are getting to experience AFRICA in this amazing way and I am really enjoying reading ur posts - very balanced.. glad u r getting to enjoy some reminders of home ... the choc chip cookies are great ...
    u mentioning ur experience at Deja Vu just proves the fact that we are living in a global connected village ... for goodness sake u r in "darkest" Africa and u r connected to the world and experiencing a fusion of cultures all wrapped in one ... I really believe that God is in our Diversity ... UNITY IN DIVERSITY its my mantra or for my friends in the west maxim and also another one- different does not equal wrong ...
    Kellye savour every moment and i look forward to hearing about your time in Lusaka ... dont forget to look out for Nandos (that's the place we had dinner on your 1st evening in Africa)

    edgar - "asian (indian)-african"