Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Go To The End Of Your Rope

Ever have one of those days where God just blows your mind? Yeah. Had one of those today.

On Tuesdays I meet with clients at a legal aid ministry. Today, I met with a man who owns some real estate that is financially underwater. And, he's getting dangerously close to being unable to pay the mortgage on this real estate. However, because he is not yet in default, the bank will not even engage in an conversation with him. The bank is, apparently, worried about putting out other fires and wants him to default before talking about how to manage the problem. Sure, makes sense. This man has been working for a long time to build his credit score, and it's at a record high. He knows, though, having lost his job in this latest economic recession that he cannot continue to pay for much longer. This man feels his world caving in. No disaster has yet struck, but the feeling that it will soon, was almost too much for him to bear.

We talked through some options; none of which were particularly satisfying to get or to give. Then, he said to me: "There is always one more place to look, one more person to ask, one more step to take. But, I think you might be my last stop. I'm out of options. I'm out of ideas and people." He was at the end of his rope.

As he said this, the following words came to mind about as clearly as if someone in the room yelled them out loud: "God is throwing him a party." Without hesitating, without thinking, I said to him: "God is throwing you a party right now because you are finally going to turn this over to him. You are finally going to trust him." As the words flowed out of my mouth, I felt the strangeness of them. They were not mine.

The man looked at me blankly for a second, his eyes watered, he smiled and nodded. Nothing to say. He got it.

So many things about this little experience are amazing to me. God's power is something to notice, something that can knock you over. You should have seen how my hands were shaking and how my heart was beating. Overpowered. Overpowered by God so he could reach this man to demonstrate his love.

And how about the fact that God rejoices when we trust him! He throws a party. When we trust him, his unfailing love surrounds us. (Psalm 32:10) Imagine that for a second. Really. Let it just sit with you. Maybe it's only me, but when I think trust, I think vulnerability. When you trust someone else completely, you are vulnerable to hurt. When you trust God, though, you are loved unfailingly, inexhaustibly, endlessly, completely. You are the opposite of vulnerable, you are in the refuge of the creator of all things. I challenge you to think of anything that can provide you more peace. What if God simply allowed the immediate problem to be solved -- the bank refinanced the mortgage at a better rate. Would everything be better? Or would you be worried about that other thing on the horizon? The problem on its way. I've been there. I've moved from one problem to the next, one worry to the next. It's too tiring.

My advice: Go to the end of your rope and let go. It is there you will find God. And he will surround you with unfailing love.


  1. I love this Kellye. It is so true. So powerful. But at the same time, so difficult for many of us to do - even as believers.

  2. Hey Kellye this is so true ... learning to let go and trust in God is the biggest lesson we all need to learn as Christ followers and the other thing is learning to trust His timing ... getting people to understand sometimes He doesnt say no just not yet!!! Psalm 37:4 is another great verse that I have always kept close to my heart...